Rolling out the welcome mat

Writing, reading, thinking about Development, Politics & Culture in NZ, Latin America and the world… this has been on my Twitter profile for years, and it pretty much sums up what you might expect to find here.

This website has been nearly a year in the making… thinking, planning, starting, re-starting, writing, tinkering, re-starting… but here it is. Not yet complete in the way I would like, but then I guess that is the nature of websites and blogs.  From a quick click around the bare bones of the site so far you will find my cv details, highlighting my past and present achievements. But there is also this rather empty space, the blog, and a sparsely populated page for publications. This for me is the the core of the site, the reason I have developed it. Here I plan to highlight my writing, both formal and published (the publications page) and informal and developing (the blog). I will be writing about the things that I am thinking and reading about, as well as responding to  current events and debates.

So welcome. Have a look around. And please come back, there’s lots more to come.

note taking

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